Revive Salads

When placing an order for 10 or more please place the order before 4 pm

For individual orders ring into Revive and Go on 091 507989


Revive  Mixed  Leaves +        MED €5.95   LARGE 7.95
 Choose 1                    
        Sirloin of Beef        Chicken        Tuna      Turkey
    Cajun Chicken        Smoked Salmon       Duck     Prawns
        Roasted  Vegetables        Honey Roasted Ham        Mozzarella
         Crispy Bacon       Chicken Tikka        Brie
         Chirozo        Cheddar
 Choose 2  Additional Fillings €1.00
       Bacon lardons      Parmesan        Cashel Blue         Black Olives
       Avocado       Chorizo       Green Olives        Brie
      Goat’s Cheese  Sugar Snap Peas     Roasted Peppers         Sundried tomato
     Mature Cheddar
 Choose 3  Additional Fillings €0.50
        Cous-cous         Grated Carrot          Mixed Peppers        Mozzarella
         Tomato  Apple        Pineapple     Croutons
        SweetcornBalsamic Spring Onion  Caesar  Cucumber  Broccolli
 Red Onion  Nuts & Seeds  Red Cheddar  Rocket
Add Dressing
 House  Balsamic  Pesto
 Caesar  Honey & Mustard  Sweet Chilli